Are your household cleaning products harming your children?

Many household cleaning products are harmful to children. They can cause allergies and other health problems. There are three cleaning ingredients that are especially toxic.

Formaldehyde causes irritation to the skin, digestive system and upper respiratory tract and may cause cancer in large concentrations. It’s found in paints and varnishes as well as cleaning products.

Ammonia is poisonous and can cause blindness. Most ammonia exposure is caused by breathing it in, which results in damage to cells. Ammonia is found in pesticides, fabrics, dyes and dish soaps.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a foaming agent found in personal care products like soaps, toothpastes and shampoos. It can damage hair, skin and eyes by contact. It can also soak into the skin and eventually harm organs.

There are healthier ways to stay clean without harming your children. You can make glass cleaner with vinegar and water and deodorize carpets with baking soda, paired up with Clean Without Chemicals’ microfibre cloths. For more information, on chemical free cleaning read here

Clean Without Chemicals are committed to chemical free cleaning for the home.