Recipes for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Detergents

For cleaning around the house you do not need any heavy duty chemicals. Below are some recipes of cleaning detergents you can pair with our microfibre cleaning cloths so you can eliminate toxic harsh chemicals from your home!

  • Cleaning tiles and porcelain

You can work on keeping the bathroom and kitchen clean by using baking soda and water into the mix to make a paste that will work quite well for many scrubbing purposes. Dust your surfaces with soda, and then follow that up with the microfibre grease glove. Using this approach will allow you to handle all cleaning flawlessly and to remove mildew, grease and stains without any chemicals!


  • Kitchen surfaces

Much of the preparations that need to be done can be completed with simple solutions, specifically baking soda and water for the kitchen counters. When it comes down to making use of eco-friendly products, you can make use of the same ingredients even for harder stains with the addition of a bit of kosher salt. This will give it the gentle abrasive power without damaging any surfaces in the process.


  • Working on window cleaning

Window cleaning with commercial chemicals is pretty unnecessary in most cases, as you can do the same thing with the use the microfibre glass cloth and polish with the magic cloth. Read what our customers say about these amazing cloths.


  • Carpet cleaning

If you have anything spilled on the surface of the carpet, then you can use cornmeal to help absorb it. Once it dries off you can just vacuum the rest of it and you will have the worst of the spot dealt with. Sprinkle some baking soda on the surface and let it sit out, then vacuum it after an hour and any musty smells will disappear.


So there you have it some simple ways to clean without chemicals


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