Dealing with anxiety

With the silly season upon us many will be dealing with anxiety. Tight chest, difficulty breathing, racing heartbeat, persistent worries that spiral out of control? These symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg that is anxiety. It’s likely that you have experienced some or all of these common symptoms at some stage in your … More Dealing with anxiety

Heal your body

Discover the secrets to heal your body from top holistic health experts and how making small changes in your everyday life can mean you’ll definitely live a happier, longer one too. 1. Watch your weight (especially during pregnancy) Exercise improves muscle tone, strength and endurance, helping you to carry the weight gain of your baby and to … More Heal your body

Are your household cleaning products harming your children?

Many household cleaning products are harmful to children. They can cause allergies and other health problems. There are three cleaning ingredients that are especially toxic. Formaldehyde causes irritation to the skin, digestive system and upper respiratory tract and may cause cancer in large concentrations. It’s found in paints and varnishes as well as cleaning products. … More Are your household cleaning products harming your children?

Recipes for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Detergents

For cleaning around the house you do not need any heavy duty chemicals. Below are some recipes of cleaning detergents you can pair with our microfibre cleaning cloths so you can eliminate toxic harsh chemicals from your home! Cleaning tiles and porcelain You can work on keeping the bathroom and kitchen clean by using baking soda and … More Recipes for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Detergents

Microfiber Cloths Cleaning Without the Use of Chemicals

Microfiber cleaning cloths are an excellent invention that not so long ago made home cleaning and office cleaning a job far easier! Microfiber cloths can be used to polish, clean and dust, without the use of many cleaning chemicals used today. They are made from tiny, wedge-shaped fibers more about a hundred times smaller than a … More Microfiber Cloths Cleaning Without the Use of Chemicals